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The daily Jewel Shop Closet Organization and Donation


It all started with a vision and an amazing support system. The daily Jewel Shop is the dream child of 35 year old Jewel Perry Pena. Born in Bayville, New York Jewel was raised by her grandmother whom she was she was named after. Before moving to south Florida Jewel vividly recalls countless shopping trips in the city with her grandmother as a child. Walking up and down the isles of consignment shops and second hand boutiques in and around the city in search of unique and timeless fashion. It was her grandmother's favorite past time and Jewel's fondest childhood memories. After relocating to south Florida, the family fell on hard times and money was tight. The shopping trips were few and far between but that didn't stop Jewel from saving all she could to splurge whenever she could. To her shopping and styling was a form of self expression. An art form. She felt that a well put together outfit can change your outlook on the world. It was her instant mood elevator. The question was how can you make this accessible to everyone? The answer is The Daily Jewel Shop. With the encouragement of family and friends, Jewel created a place where anyone can buy and sell gently used, unique, stylish clothing and accessories and donate unwanted items to a local, non-profit organization of their choice. Being very active in her community, it was very important to Jewel to develop a way to give back.

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